Walking tours

Your mind blown in 90 minutes, or you don’t pay a dime

So, you’re coming to our beloved Savannah. If you’re like most visitors, coming just for a few days, your time here is limited and precious.

You need a tour.

But, how will you know you’re not wasting your money, or signing up for boring time? How can you ensure the tour you’re taking isn’t crappy?

The truth is – you can’t. Tours in Savannah don’t guarantee anything. And this is why we created the Free Savannah Walking Tours.

Our tours are amazing, because we don’t get paid if they’re not.

Note: there’s a $2.85 fee when you book. The city of Savannah enforces a tour tax for each person (and a limit of 30 people per group), so we ask each participant to pay the tax to avoid over-bookings & no-shows. The tour itself is free and operates on a name-your-own-price-basis. Once you book, we’ll send all the details (starting location, etc) to your email.

5/5 on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google

“Informative, entertaining tour. It was a really large and somewhat unwieldy group of about 25 people, but the tour guide did a great job of herding everyone. He seemed very knowledgeable about Savannah history. We all thought it was a great way to spend the afternoon. Highly recommend.  (We had five in our group and we tipped him $80.  Well worth it.)”

Audrey E.
Chapel Hill, NC

“Great walking tour of Savannah’s history! Chuck, our tour guide in this hour and a half tour, was a wealth of knowledge. He took us back to England in the late 1600’s and provided a colorful description of how this beautiful city evolved since Oglethorpe’s arrived in these shores mixing wit and humor in his delivery. I highly recommend this tour for a crash course in history and fun facts while walking through the many parks and monuments of this beautiful city. Keep in mind this is a tour where you decide how much value you get out of it. Ask for Chuck for an added valuable experience.

Sergio S.
San Diego, CA

“I’m not sure if these tours are always this incredible but my Guy Joe did a great job on the morning of April 26th!!!! That guy seriously killed it. You could hear the passion and love for the city as we walked around. He is very animated and appropriately alters the inflection in his voice to both emphasize key points but also maintain the audiences engagement. You can tell that he is going to be a great guide from the minute he starts his introduction. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the city, and as a local was able to toss in some fun facts from his own family’s stories. He even offered some tips for great restaurants to stop at for food. Plus, he called us to make sure we were still coming, because we were that group that walked up exactly on the hour. Would highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Savannah, and if you can book Joe!”

Abou K.
Los Angeles, CA

“Do not pay for another tour! My husband and I actually purchased ticket to another walking tour in Savannah and it was cancelled last minute. The night prior I looked up the free walking tours and thought we would give it a shot. Our tour guide Chuck was great! He was so knowledgeable of the city and the history of Savannah. I highly recommend this tour and appreciate the tour being free (only pay the cost of taxes) and giving the tour guide a larger gratuity.”

Jill D.
Talleyville, DE

“A great tour that gave bits of info about Savannah. Topics ranged from history, flora, landmarks, and pop culture. Perfect duration, very informative. Large tour group size, but I believe everyone was able to hear the guide without difficulty. Loved the business model as it allowed all our party members to enjoy the tour without worrying if it would “feel worth it” to everyone.”

Pamela B.
Homestead, FL

We decided to opt for a walking tour rather than a trolley tour whilst visiting Savannah. Daniel our tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour interesting. The tour covered appx 1 mile of the historic district and Daniel found good shady places for us to listen to his narrative. The tour is free but the guides rely on your tips to earn a living average $10-$20 per person, and worth every cent. Daniel was also keen to answer any other questions that we might have about Savannah, after the tour finished. Great walking tour.

Mel V.
Birmingham, England

“This is the best tour in Savannah. We had Daniel (Chris is the other guide available). He was wonderfully charismatic and overall fantastic. He packed our tour with tons of historical info and fun tidbits of information. Great for anyone including kids and families. Loved the stops along the way including most of the “squares”.  If you’re trying to figure out which tour to take look no further. Don’t let the fact that it’s free dissuade you. It was a quality tour that’s completely worth your time. The only money they make comes from the touring visitors so tip accordingly.

Lauren H.

Chapel Hill, NC

We really enjoyed this tour of Savannah. Chris was super knowledgeable and kept us interested the whole time. It’s a great way to get yourself acclimated to the city.

Rob D.
Cranford, NJ

“My friend Stacy and I took a Free Savannah tour on the Martin Luther King holiday. Our guide was Daniel. We were hemming and hawing about whether to do this or take one of the trolley tours. At the last second we opted for this. Yes the free price tag is nice but we’re not above paying for a solid tour, so it was more about wanting a unique, up close and intimate experience with Savannah, our guide and the overall tour. And we got it. Daniel was awesome. He is whip smart, friendly, passionate and very patient and kind. We happened to have a small group on the afternoon tour, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have mattered if we had had 50 people. He went out of his way to make sure that everyone was following and encouraged questions. He’s also got a natural ability to explain history and culture and will have you laughing in the process. He knows so much about Savannah and seems to love it, which was infectious. The essence of his tour that he gave us was about a surprisingly progressive city in the south that has seen dark times and tragedy and been down on its luck but has always retained a strong resilience and hope for better days ahead. And a sense of its cultural and historic fabric that makes it so unique and charming. We packed a lot in to the 2 hours (we went over a tad bit which was just fine with us) and saw and learned a bunch but not so much that it was exhausting or overwhelming. Cannot say enough about Daniel. He was one of the highlights of this trip. We tipped him what we thought was a fair tip and it was still less than one those trolley tours would have been. You should go. Bring comfortable shoes and water and show up at Johnson Sq. a few minutes early. This is my second free walking tour (did one also in Vancouver) and they’ve both been awesome. So personal and informative. And great way to see and learn more than you otherwise would.

Phillip G.

Los Angeles, CA

“The Free Savannah Walking Tour was entertaining and interesting. My boyfriend and I had been wandering around beautiful Savannah and began to look for tours so we could learn more. Savannah is such a walk-able city and I am so glad we chose to do the walking tour with Dan. We walked through the squares, learning about the monuments and the history of Savannah. One thing I loved about this tour (and the previous ‘free walking tours’ I have done) is that they are never dry. Dan did an amazing job of making sure the historical facts were presented in a fun and interesting way. My boyfriend and I came out of the tour with tons of fun facts about Savannah that we shared with our friends who were also visiting. Thanks Free Savannah Tour for a great afternoon!”

Kala R.
Waterville, VT

“What a fantastic tour. Last 1.5 hours and it’s filled with education and a big dose of comedy to make it interesting. Chris was really great. My suggestion would be for him to bring up money. Never be afraid to ask for money. This is a free tour and he should make a comment at the end that tips are accepted. I would highly recommend.

John S.

Jacksonville, FL

Life is like a box of chocolates… don’t miss out on anything!

Would you like to see where Forrest Gump’s bench was?

Most people coming to Savannah have planned their vacation for months. They’re afraid of getting lost, of missing out on what our unique city has to offer. We won’t let that happen.

Your time here is short, so we’ll pack it full of adventure, and we’ll visit all the important spots and squares that hold Savannah’s essence. All that, under the shade and moss of our massive, 150 year-old Live Oak trees.

Combine that with our lazy Southern accent and world-famous Southern Hospitality, and you’ve got yourself a winning vacation. So, if you were wondering, “how do I fill my time in Savannah and what activity offers me the most?”, the Free Savannah Walking Tour has got you covered.

We will surprise you. We will excite you. We will even show you where Forrest Gump’s bench was installed in the movie, which was filmed in Savannah! How cool is that?

Chuck was our tour guide. He was amazing. I love doing these free tours Bc they are just so much fun and so informational. Chuck gave us great information about Savannah and all the history surrounding the city and how it came into existence. We visited lots of great areas and took lots of pics. I definitely recommend this tour of this beautiful city.

Miranda Z.
Honolulu, HI

“Wonderful, engaging Tour! We have used free tours by foot in many cities, even abroad, and we have only once ever been let down. This was not that time! Joe was our tour guide, and he was a lot of fun – very engaging, even with kids! Our children remembered his stories and referred to them throughout the rest of our trip. Book this tour, you won’t regret it!”

Kelley M.
La Crosse,WI

Our tour guide was Chuck, and I found him very knowledgeable. He kept us moving at a nice pace so it never got to be too long in one place, and the historical anecdotes he shared were fun and informative. The overall length (90 min) was perfect. Can highly recommend for something to do with friends or family.

Sine T.
Brentwood, TN

“Fun and informative with a native son! We enjoyed our two hours with Joe and roughly 18 other visitors. The tour was filled with interesting anecdotes and historical tidbits that create a robust picture of the city’s origins and culture. I highly recommend and urge you to tip generously because these guides provide so much insight into the city and it’s people . Take their dining and sightseeing suggestions as well.

Jackie F.
Arlington, VA

“Daniel was our tour guide on a chilly Sunday morning in February, besides the discomfort from the cold, the tour experience was perfect. The 90 minute tour started in Johnson Square, just one of the 22 currently ‘operating’ squares in downtown Savannah. From there we walked to Write Square, then over to the Owen-Thomas House on Oglethorpe Square (although we didn’t tour the house, we talked about it’s significance). We then walked to Colonial Cemetery and over to see the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (you MUST go look inside, they don’t give you a chance on the tour, but just break off for a moment and take a look if you don’t plan on going back) and Lafayette Square. Next onto the Green-Meldrim House  on Madison Square and back to Chippewa Square to finish (where Forest Grump’s bench scenes were filmed). This tour is all walk and no play, you’ll be on tour the entire time, no chance to stop for a coffee halfway through (or more likely an alcoholic beverage), so make sure you’ve got something in hand pre-start. The tour is broken down into the history of Savannah (and layout), historical persons, architecture and influence. I learned the perfect amount on the tour and definitely felt like it was a great way to see the city and squares you’ll know Savannah is famous for. At the end of the tour, I didn’t feel pressured into tipping Daniel, he simply puts a bucket out and says he’d love to recommend further places for you or help you on your journey. You SHOULD tip him, because is fantastic, but he’s very tactful in his approach. Highly recommend this tour, it’s kid friendly and moderately healthy elderly person friendly as well. Strollers would be fine on this tour as well.”

Rose L.
Durham, NC

“Fun and informative with a native son! We enjoyed our two hours with Joe and roughly 18 other visitors. The tour was filled with interesting anecdotes and historical tidbits that create a robust picture of the city’s origins and culture. I highly recommend and urge you to tip generously because these guides provide so much insight into the city and it’s people. Take their dining and sightseeing suggestions as well.

Ray H.
Orlando, FL

“As mentioned by other Yelp reviews, this will be another broken record.  The tour is free, and it is worth far far more than that. I took a tour with Daniel a few weeks ago, and couldn’t have been happier.  The sheer volume of knowledge that he has about Savannah is top notch, and his interest and pride in Savannah shows in the tour. This was an experience in Savannah that I would strongly encourage any visitors to try. In particular, I would advise this as your first stop on your trip because it will give you a greater appreciation for the city for the rest of your trip.  The tour is slated to last 1.5 hours, but depending on how many questions there are, it would last up to 2 hours (well worth it).

Jason A.
Providence, RI

Great walking tour! This is a great way to see downtown Savannah and learn a lot of history. Our guide, Daniel, one of the two owners was a a terrific history guide! He made monuments come alive. In fact he should become either a history teacher or an actor! They offer this tour as a free tour but you are expected to pay them what you think it is worth. What other business do you know that would have this kind of self confidence to offer something like this?

Stephen J.
Oakland Park, FL

Safer. Cheaper. Better.

You’ll love it. Guaranteed.

We hear the term “satisfaction guaranteed” thrown around quite loosely. But how many companies can truly stand behind these claims? Here at Free Savannah Tours, you won’t pay us anything upfront. We’ll have to earn your tips.

You decide the price.

The result is that we are under pressure to perform. This ensures that your tour guide will strive to give his best effort. The word “free” should make you confident that your guide will work harder.

5 Stars on Yelp & TripAdvisor

Thousands have been singing our praises. Read the reviews on Yelp or TripAdvisor 😉

“MUST DO IF YOU’RE STAYING IN SAVANNAH!!! We had nothing to do one morning so we decided to look up some cheap or free stuff to do nearby. We came upon this tour and were a bit skeptical. We decided to meet up where the at Johnson square(where the group was meeting up). At first we couldn’t find the tour, but we came across a guide that looked like the pictures. We asked him if this was the free tour, and he booked us a spot right away! We weren’t expecting much from this tour bc it was free, but we were very pleased! Joe our tour guide was incredibly funny and and knew a lot about Savannah. He kept the crowd laughing and answered any questions that we had. He took us around to many squares, and tried to keep us under the shade as much as possible. Even though this is free you should definitely tip your guide because they’re teaching you so much for free! I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who doesn’t want to waste money on incredibly expensive bus tours.

Aishah M.

Bellmore, NY

“Awesome tour! “Free” is what caught my attention, but I gladly would have paid full price plus tip for this tour! Chris was our tour guide and he was great! He was funny, energetic, and knew his Savannah history. It was my fifth trip to Savannah, and I learned so much in those 2 hours than I ever did googling information about the town. Although it is a walking tour, it’s not 2 hours of non stop walking. Much of the tour takes place in the town’s squares, so you get a chance to sit for a few minutes here and there and get some shade under the oaks. The tour ends at Forsyth Park, which was perfect so you can take your time exploring and taking photos at the fountain. There are also nice restrooms and a Starbucks located at the park. I did the afternoon tour and about halfway through, the Savannah sun was baking me. I suggest doing a morning tour as summer approaches, dress in light comfortable clothing, and bring a water! The guides work for tips, $10-20 per person. Definitely worth $20.”

Lola H.
Atlanta, GA

“Definitely worth FREE! Chris is a history buff and after traveling around the world for a few years he settled back in Savannah and started this tour company. It is heavily history based and discusses the important figures that are buried around Savannah or influenced Savannah in some way. The tour started at Johnson Square and ended at Forsythe Park. Took 90 min and it is recommended that you tip at the end ($10-$20/person).”

Brittney R.

Indianapolis, IN

Very enjoyable! We did the walking tour and also the trolley tour with Oglethorpe. Both were enjoyable but the walking tour was the better of the two. It felt way more personal and I liked walking and stopping at the spots and listening to the stories rather than being driven around. The trolley tour felt rushed and you didn’t have a chance to ask questions like with the walking tour. The walking tour never once felt rushed and the guide really seemed to care about giving us the best experience.”

Jason M.
Traverse City, MI

“We took a Free Walking Tour with Daniel today and lived every minute! His enthusiasm is contagious. His commentary is informative and at the same time entertaining. The walk was at a comfortable pace for us senior citizens, and we didn’t want the tour to end even though we had been walking for almost two hours. We highly recommend spending an afternoon with Daniel.

Heather S.

New York, NY

Secrets of Savannah Fully Unveiled

Two persons visit Savannah. Each takes a different tour…


person one…

… ends up feeling like he’s wasted his time and money. He has walked for hours, and learned nothing new. His tour guide felt like she had better things to do that day, and the whole group suffered as a result. Another vacation gone wrong.


Person two…

… feels like it was just the vacation he needed. We can speak all day about our amazing guarantee, but what really makes people rave about our tour is a simple fact: We are passionate about Savannah. Born and raised here, there’s nothing we enjoy more than spreading that passion to visitors.


Person three…

… is you. Wouldn’t you like your experience to be more like that of Person Two? We’ve served thousands of visitors, and optimized our tours to be as enticing and captivating as possible. We want you to have the most amazing day ever. Positive side effect: You’ll support locals, and leave the tour with a Ph.D in Savannah Life.

“For my first time in Savannah, I wanted to go on a tour either by trolley or walking. I found a couple of good ones on Yelp, but this tour caught my eye because it’s FREE (tips only)! We have just eaten lunch at the Ole Pink House which is a short walk to Johnson Square which is where the tour starts at. Our tour guide Daniel was very knowledgeable about Savannah and entertaining. I liked how this is a walking tour because we are right up next to spot and it feels more personal than just driving by. The tour is about 1.5 hours long but I think ours lasted almost 2 hours. I definitely recommend taking this tour if it’s your first time in Savannah, so you can have a general feel of the city and its history. Then go back to visit those spots again particularly any of the houses you see.

Rhoda G.

Raleigh, NC

“Great walking tour! Our guide Joe was very informative. I loved the way he tried to make the history entertaining by cracking jokes and using his personal young memories with us. Ask him anything about Savannah, he can tell you.. or try his best to answer it. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!!!

Pretty S.
Atlanta, GA

“This is a great tour! We have done trolley tours in Savannah before but I much preferred the walking tour because it wasn’t a fly by of the city. You’re walking and talking with an awesome guide, Chris, who is quite entertaining and knowledgeable of the rich history and haunts of the city. Savannah isn’t “small” but it’s small enough that you’re able to see the historic district on the tour. We had a large group but our guide made sure we could all hear and made stops in places big enough to accommodate our group (32). Highly recommend. I love history and often on these types of tours there is a bit of exaggeration and stretching to truth to entertain, this tour was true historic facts with a great guide who makes it entertaining and fun! Which was awesome because we had our kids with us! Take this tour! You’ve got nothing to lose but I’d bet you’ll be more than satisfied.”

Kody G.
Johnson City, TN

“Joe was our guide and got things started right by having everyone introduce themselves and then tell what the agenda was. The next hour and a half was amazing as we moved from Johnson Square down Bull Street to Forsyth Park. Joe’s spiel was certainly educational and delivered in such a humorous manner. Learned so much about the characters, buildings and landmarks of Savannah. Would highly recommend Joe and this tour.

Greg W.
Winnipeg, Canada

“To be honest, I’ve never taken a walking tour with a guide that wasn’t pleasant and knowledgeable. People that do this job, especially the Free (tip only) Walking Tours, are doing it because they love what they are doing.  Free Savannah Tours is no exception. Very pleasant and knowledgeable guide and humorous at times.  I really liked that he flirted with all the women joggers. LOL. Tour was a bit shorter than your average walking tour (1.5 hours) but covered lots of info. Definitely recommended.”

Jeff C.

Seattle, WA

Learned a lot on this great tour! Chris led us around some of the most beautiful places to see in Savannah just after we arrived in the city, and it was a great introduction to Savannah. He was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot about this historic place. Highly recommended!

Arthur F.
Orlando, FL

“This tour really exceeded my expectations, and I was surprised to learn that this tour company was relatively new- less than two years old. Our tour guide was Chris and he did a FABULOUS job of showing us around the city and sharing his passion and love for Savannah. Our tour group was larger than usual, and Chris even admitted it was bigger than he was used to, but we had no problem hearing him speak as his voice carried well, and he was careful to include everyone in the group when he was speaking. He is a vibrant and interesting storyteller, my attention never swayed although the tour was close to two hours long. Of course we made a donation, but he made it clear that the tours are free and you pay only what you think the tour is worth. I wish this company all the best, and would HIGHLY recommend to others visiting Savannah. Thanks Chris for the tour!”

Morgan T.

Cleveland, OH

“We took the tour with Chris and had a great time. My mind tends to wander on some tours, but Chris was very energetic and kept my attention the whole time. His presentation style was fun and he not only gave us the facts, but linked events together that made you think “what if?”. Our path took us through several park squares in the city which are not only pretty, but have a bit of history around them as well. The length of the tour is about right and provides you with information to decide what places you may want to explore further.”

Gloria R.
Baltimore, MD

“These guys were great, especially for free!!!! They really have a huge heart for Savannah and I absolutely appreciate it! I’ve taken other tours of Savannah and no other tour guides had more enthusiasm for the town than this company. If you don’t mind walking about a mile or more, and really taking in Savannah, then I highly suggest going with Free Savannah Tours. I tipped them just as much as I would pay a regular tour because they deserve it!!! Thank you!!!

Lan T.

Washington, DC

Lift Your Mood

Have you ever noticed how happy you are outdoors? The sun directs your body to produce vitamin D and serotonin, resulting in an immediate uplift in mood.

Who of us couldn’t use some of that?

Come join us for 90 minutes of joy. Our tour will lift your spirit, and you’ll carry those great vibes for the rest of the day.

“Excellent tour. This was our first walking tour based on the “pay what you feel like” model and it was just a great experience. The guide is a local who has done these tours in several other countries and his love for history and sharing stories is fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Kapil J.

San Francisco, CA

“Great! Chuck was our guide. Excellent in history and a great story teller. Covered from the founding of the state to last week. Enough walking to make it a true walking tour. Very responsive to questions. Twigs your imagination in the way he spoke. Can’t imagine the paid tours are any better.

Elvis A.
Arlington, TX

Thank you yelp for showing me this! We signed up for a tour through yelp and they were prompt in sending both email and text confirmations. Chris was our tour guide and he was at the appointed place early. He walked around the square a few times, approaching people to find all the participants. He was friendly and nice and did a great job at making us excited about the tour. And the tour was great! Chris focused on the squares and the history of the monuments, but also gave a great overview of the history of the midnight in the garden of good and evil. He answered all questions, told great stories and was very patient with our young daughter. Highly recommend this tour.”

Beth S.

Tucson, AZ

“Walk and learn the history of Savannah! Enjoyed guide Chris on a 12/31 morning tour. He’s a native of the area and gave some nice insider details on the local history, both from the founding of the city to more recent events. The group was maxed out with visitors in for the holidays, but it was still a great experience that explained a lot of the background of how and why Savannah is set up the way it is. Great for all ages, as there are benches in the squares and the overall distance is quite easy, as you stop every few blocks for information.

Karen C.
Charlotte, NC

“Very very pleased with the level of knowledge and professionalism displayed by our tour guide, Daniel. It was very obvious that the tour was being given by someone who was well-educated and meant to work with people. Daniel’s use of appropriate accent and pronunciation added a bit of flair, and his ability to convey large amounts of info in a fluid manner really helped to sustain the group’s attention throughout the tour. Highly recommended!”

Ryan R.

Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY

“History Comes Alive! Daniel took us on a walking tour starting in Johnson Square. He highlighted the layout of the city and the story of each square we visited. He talked about the Colonial Cemetery, some of the historical homes and a variety of historical figures. Daniel is a local with a deep history interest, is energetic with a good sense of humor with a bit of charming drama. He does work only for the tips. Suggested amount is $10-20 per person. He is well worth this gratuity!!!!”

Betsy Z.
Becker, MN

“Our tour guide was Daniel. He was enthusiastic, youthful & very knowledgeable on the history of Savannah. He weaved a nice story of the beginning of Savannah until the present as we walked throughout the historic district for 90 minutes. At the end he summarized our experience on the tour. He is a local and his pride for his home town is reflected in his tour. Call to reserve a spot. You will receive an email with pertinent info. You pay at the end based on your experience.  I find it important to support a local-grown business. You will not be disappointed.

Rich S.

Alexandria, VA

“Loved it! Chris was a great guide. He was full of info relating to ghosts, Forrest Gump, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and local history. He was also very conscious of how hot it was and trying to find shade and benches. I would highly recommend him!

Orianne G.
Boston, MA

This is the first time I have ever written a review on Yelp.  However, after taking this tour on 12/30/2014, I am compelled to sing its praises!  Chris, our tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable.  He made the city’s history interesting and entertaining.  His passion for his native city is contagious!”

Charlotte, NC

Awesome tour! I went with a group of girls for a bachelorette party to get a feel for the city. It was an awesome tour, got to walk through all the beautiful parts of town and the guide (Chris) was super knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and really tailored the tour to our group. We even went over the time by a bit, but he did not cut it short, he was very thorough. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Savannah!

Caroline T.
Kansas City, MO

Book Your Free Historic Savannah Walking Tour

We’ll stroll through Savannah and absorb the old city, the historical squares, and the Spanish moss of the Live Oaks. Throughout our adventure we will discuss Savannah from present day, back to Colonial times, and through times of war, prosperity, famine, plague, and stardom. The tour lasts 90 minutes.

Tours often get fully booked way ahead of time, so book your spot(s) now if you’re interested. What do you have to lose? You won’t pay a dime if you didn’t like it (won’t happen!).

“What an excellent tour. We stumbled upon this by accident (good luck really) and it was one of the best things we did while we were in Savannah. Our guide, Chris, was everything a guide should be: engaging, funny, and enthusiastic. He kept me wanting to learn more about Savannah and history in general. I have done paid tours that were not as good as this one. The tour is free but don’t forget to tip!!”

Edith G
Astoria, NY

Great walking tour – Chris was an amazing tour guide. He provided history in an interesting manner and interacted well with all of the people on the tour. It is an amazing value for a brief overview of the downtown area of Savannah.

Hope B.
Holt, MI

Chris took us around Savannah on a fun walking tour. You tip whatever you feel at the end and at least on our tour there was no pressure. We got to know Savannah, some history, and plenty of insider info about where to go (e.g. where to get cheap and delicious drinks). Chris was friendly and informative! I love free walking tours all over the world and I’m so glad they are now in the US!

Kate H.

Brooklyn, NY

“We did a walking tour with Daniel on our first day in Savannah and loved it. We had originally booked a 1pm tour but these all got cancelled due to the heat so after a couple of emails to sort things out we ended up with the late afternoon tour and even then it was still pretty hot. Good decision guys – it would have been unbearable at 1pm. Daniel took us on a ramble through the squares of Savannah and it gave us a great introduction to the city. He was knowledgeable and funny at the same time (although if you are reading this Daniel you DO need to work on your Scottish accent when talking about Lachlan McIntosh!). He gave us lots of information about the history, famous people, and landmarks of the city. It really helps that your guide knows and enjoys his stuff, especially in a beautiful city like Savannah … it served as a great launchpad for the next 4 days of our trip as we could use the info we got from Daniel to decide which sights we wanted to go back and see again in more detail ….. As others have said … please make sure you tip. It is definitely worth it. We were on a similar ‘free’ tour in Paris on a previous trip and in both cases the tour guides were more passionate (and knowledgeable) than others who demand that you pay up front and sometimes just go through the motions … presumably because in this business model their income depends on how well they do and how much you enjoy the tour. Daniel worked hard on this tour and even at the end was happy to hang back for a while and give a few pointers or suggestions on various things we had questions about. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this tour.”

Scott M.
Toronto, Canada

“This tour is a must is you are visiting Savannah! Chris was funny, friendly, and highly entertaining. When we signed up for this tour we figured that it would either be really great, or so boring that we would use our preschooler as an excuse to get out of it early. Thankfully it was really great.

Nydia M.

Miami, FL

Fantastic!! Chris was our tour guide and he was super funny and very helpful. Excellent tour and very informative about the history of the city. He will also help you navigate and give suggestions on places to go to. He even said hi to us when we ran into him later on. It is very hot, so remember to bring water. He was also considerate and checked on how everyone was feeling throughout the walk. Be sure to tip because they really do a good job and deserve it!

Jas S.
Suwanee, GA

Yes, definitely the right choice! My bf and I only had about 24 hours in Savannah and this was the way to go! 1) Easy meeting spot 2) Chris was super friendly and funny 3) Good balance of anecdotes and info 4) Good balance of walking and stopping 5) Strategically ends by right a bathroom–smart. We didn’t do any of the paid tours, so I can’t compare… But this seems like a great free option! I love history and felt pretty satisfied with the amount we learned. And it didn’t feel rushed which was nice. ALSO, most free tours in other cities just end up taking you to stores that sponsor them and make you wait there for 10 minutes so you can “have a look around.” That’s how they get you. But none of that here!! Just free fun times. Definitely recommended.”

Krina S.

Philadelphia, PA

“Chris did a great job of bringing the historic district and city squares to life with insightful stories, anecdotal information and of course the history of beautiful Savannah. The length of the tour was just right as my two kids (14,12) were just hanging on. All in all a very good experience overall.”

Chris K.
Richmond, VA

Forget expensive tours, you want this one

Again, if you’re not absolutely delighted with us, you don’t pay a dime. The only way we get paid is if you’re so amazed by our tour that you feel motivated enough to tip us. No other tour company offers such a guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a fancy tour with trolleys that keep you static, we’re probably not for you. But if you want an exciting, healthy, educating time with passionate guides — and the best guarantee in the business – you’re going to love us. Click to book:

“Super, excellent tour! We really and truly enjoyed this tour! History, funny and lots of good walking. Tour guide was also owner of company, and he was simply amazing! This is a must! Excellent!!!!”

Debbie L.

Caldwell, NJ

“My husband and I did a free walking tour on a Saturday morning while we were in town. I can’t recommend it enough. Not only was it free, it was better than pretty much any other tour in town. We overheard a lot of tours, and none compared; especially those trolley ones that don’t really let you experience the city.”

Samantha M.
Washington, DC

“Had a great, educational tour of Savannah with Chris! Learned a lot about this beautiful city that we would never know just walking around by ourselves. Walked through many of the squares, learned about some military history, pop culture (Forrest Gump filming locations), and about the architecture. This was a great stop on our year long tour of the US!

April R.

Charlotte, NC

“A lasting impact that made our trip better. Chris was a fantastic tour guide. He had so much energy and was great at tell stories of the past. I really liked all the “taboo” stuff that he shared. Even if you have already walked around the city, you will have a much better time with the tour. We learned about “keeping up with the Jones” and so much more. It was funny that the guide was reading my face when he was telling one of his many interesting stories because I was so caught up in the moment that he pointed out..” you didn’t expect that uh, that was quite a twist of faith. ” I was really amazed that he never asked for a tip or said anything about money. If you do decided to do the tour, please give what you can. Free Savannah Tours is a great thing and I hope they stay in business for a long time.”

Tiffany E.
Nashville, TN

“Had an amazing time learning about Savannah history, culture, and architecture on our tour. Chris was awesome and did a great job of making everyone feel welcomed. We saw a lot of interesting places and it was great to hear about some of the history of this beautiful city. Couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience!

Jessica B.

Orlando, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer free Savannah tours?

By offering the tours for no upfront cost, we eliminate your risk and make sure we have the pressure to perform. Free Savannah Tours business model would be of little value otherwise.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Reservations are not required, but keep in mind that the city of Savannah has a maximum of 30 people allowed on any walking tour. Certain times of the year are quite busy, so make a reservation if you would like to play it safe.

Can bad weather cancel our tour?

We operate in most weather conditions. However, a tour will be called off if we believe the weather conditions are unsafe to conduct it. We will let you know in advance, of course.

Will my kids like it?

Definitely. Our goal is to entertain everyone in the group, and that includes kids. We cater each tour specifically to the group, so if your kids are more interested in the legends of the city, let your guide know and he would be more than happy to adjust.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes. If you’re interested in a private tour, please send us an email with your information (link at the bottom of this page).

Are dogs welcome?

Sure, why not? Savannah is a very dog-friendly city. As long as your dog isn’t aggressive, or barks a lot for no reason, you are more than welcome to tag it along.

What does the tour cover?

We like to give a view of Savannah’s history, from the Colonial Times up to current day society. There’s a lot to see.

Where do we meet?

The Free Savannah Tours organize in Johnson Square. Look for the big central monument, you can’t miss it.

Is parking available?

If you are driving directly to the tour, make sure to factor in a couple extra minutes to find a spot. Parking garages in the area are plentiful and very inexpensive to use for the day.

Is it a walking-only tour?

Yes. By avoiding highly expensive overhead — such as a trolley or a bus — we retain the ability of offer the tours at no up front cost. Plus, it’s way more fun, active and healthy that way!

How hard is the walk?

You’ll walk for about an hour and a half, normal walking speed, with plenty of stops. Not difficult at all, even for older folks.

Is it handicap accessible?


What if it gets hot?

It’s usually nice and warm. If it gets a little hot, we have shaded spots strategically spread all across the tour.

Are there toilets along the way?


“All the other reviews are true! Enjoyed all the usual pleasures of a weekend in Savannah, but my trip didn’t feel complete without knowing more about the history of this wonderful city. Free Savannah Tours took care of that! In an hour and a half walking tour that flew by, I learned so much interesting information about Savannah’s history, architecture, and it’s people. Made me appreciate the city so much more. Highly recommend for all the history, war, and architecture buffs.

Kendall K.

Wake Forest, NC

“Perfect intro to this beautiful city! Having never been to the South before, my wife and I knew we wanted a good tour of this beautiful city to capture not only a bit of Savannah but a sense of historical life under the Mason-Dixie. I browsed a few tours and after reading a few reviews both here and other sites I thought we’d be in good hands with either of the two guides from Free Savannah Tours. Was I right or what?! Daniel was excellent. It ended up being a private tour because of a threat of rain. Daniel went above and beyond giving us “bonuses” and “free tangents” (as he liked to call them) which were very informative and made me smile because I could feel the love he had for his city. My wife and I are self-proclaimed history nerds and asked a plethora of questions to which he quickly and thoroughly answered. We also got to discuss elements of the Colonial and Civil War period where there was fun banter between the three of us. In the end, we had a two hour (plus!) tour, of which he had guaranteed an hour and a half (our questions and chatting took it past that!) of fun stories, interesting tidbits and great historical facts all while getting a good walk and feeling like we had made a new friend in Savannah. Thank you Daniel!”

Joey D.
Flagstaff, AZ

We recently took the Historic Savannah Tour, with Bob as our guide. We were torn with which tour company to reserve with, but thanks to Yelp and these great reviews, we selected Free Savannah Tours, and we’re very glad we did! Bob was super laid-back and funny, very informative without inundating us with too many details, and we covered a lot of the sights and history of Savannah. Another great thing about Bob is that he kept the tour about the sights and history, rather than pushing his own agenda, or making the tour about him (which we’d previously experienced, elsewhere). We booked this tour during the front-end of our trip, which is something I recommend. Gives you time go back and revisit anything you’d like, in more detail. The owner(?) of the tour company, Chris, was also fantastically helpful in setting up our tour and helping secure the date/time we wanted.”

Brenda “Raaaaaah-chester” K.

Rochester, NY

“Excellent tour. I am a huge fan of ‘free tours’; I have taken several of them in Europe (Amsterdam, Vienna, Krakow, etc.) and have always been impressed with both the enthusiasm and knowledge of the local guides. This was no exception. Chris was an excellent guide, clearly enjoyed and knew his local history, and interacted effortlessly with everyone on the tour. A bright and engaging tour guide makes all the difference, and Chris certainly fit the bill. Please remember that the tour guides on these types of tours make their income from tips, and they work very hard to deliver a quality service. Well done, Chris!”

John L.
Grand Bend, Canada

Historical Savannah Tour with Madelyn – UNBEATABLE! We met our tour guide Madelyn in Johnson Square, with a “full” group of 30 people which did not bother us as it still felt very intimate. Madelyn began with an incredible amount of interesting history there, and as we made our way down Bull Street stopping in each square, we learned more and more as the city became newer chronologically. Madelyn is a SCAD student in architecture and history (I think?!) – SO knowledgeable, well spoken, witty, and overall just fantastic. We couldn’t have wished for a better tour or guide!

Sarah S.

Austin, TX

Would you like to contact us?

Chris, the owner, is available on email:

For anything technical (regarding the website), contact Reggie. If you’d like a premium, adult-only tour, we also operate Savannah Ghost Tours.

They say the best things in life are free – this is definitely true with the Free Savannah Tour. Chris is a wonderful, friendly guide. You get a good idea about the history of Savannah and the “side stories” eg Forrest Gump makes the tour enjoyable. It is a good way to start your visit in Savannah.

Dee D.
Ghent, Belgium