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Historic Savannah Tour

We saunter through the streets, of Savannah, absorbing the old city, while passing thru the Historic Squares, all the while canopied under the magnificent Live Oak Tree’s drapped with the majestic Spanish Moss. Throughout the adventure we will discuss Savannah’s role back to the Colonial times, and our experience thru times of war, prosperity, famine, plague, and stardom. (Tour lasts 90 minutes)
(Tours will begin from The Central Monument in Johnson Square on the crossroads of Bull and Congress Streets)

The Savannah Ghost Experience

It is no longer a secret: Savannah is the most Haunted City in America; she is in fact built upon the dead. It cannot be denied that something here is far from the ordinary. There is a quiet, yet dark history from the slave trade, thru many battles with yellow fever, and natural disasters that have swept across her surface. Savannah hides a dark side to her history that needs to be shared. Appropriate for all. However! Please be aware your experience could stay with you for much time to come. (Tour lasts 90 minutes)
(Tours will begin from the Central Monument in Chippewa Square on the crossroads of Bull and Perry Streets.)

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